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The Model 40 Metronome by McAdams Instruments is the loudest, most powerful portable metronome on the market. It is designed for use in the classroom and includes metronome and tuning functions, a stopwatch and a spectrum analyzer. Scroll down for more details!

We've provided reliable products and services since 1975. Thousands of our metronomes are in use all over the country, some for over 30 years.  They are built to last!

Model 40


  •     High resolution color graphic touch display

  •     Full-function, high power, infrared remote control

  •     Metronome with subdivisions of the beat and measures

  •     Can play a tuning drone along with the metronome

  •     Five-octave chromatic tone source

  •     Visual tuner covering 5 octaves

  •     Can play a tuning drone into headphones while using the visual tuner

  •     Variable pitch reference A=434 to 446 or A=440 plus or minus 20 cents

  •     Stop watch that can run while you use the other functions

  •     Spectrum analyzer to visualize tone quality

  •     Memory to save frequently used setups for instant recall

  •     Single-button recall of selected memory presets using the remote.

  •     Amplifier and jack for use with headphones or to drive an external amplifier

  •     External microphone input for use with contact microphones or other sources

  •     Over 200 watts peak power into a high efficiency speaker

  •     Rugged steel case. Weight: 8 lb.

The Model 40 replaces the older models, which are no longer in production.

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